Ultra-Cool/Energy Star

All Ultra-Clad™ KYNAR®/HYLAR 5000® products are now Ultra-Cool®. Incorporating Dura Coat Product’s Durapon 70 system technologies, Ultra-Clad products meet the ENERGY STAR® requirements for cool roof certification. All standard Ultra-Clad color formulations utilize Cool technology pigments and are Cool rated.

Benefits of Cool

  • Heat is reflected away from buildings
  • Lower environmental temperatures help reduce smog levels
  • Cooler interior spaces help save the cost of energy used for cooling
  • Increased roof life expectancy due to less expansion and contraction
  • Superior workability & handling. Products are cooler to the touch
  • Cool pigments typically have better gloss retention and fade resistance than non cool
  • Monetary incentives increasingly offered for reflective-roofing products

When these advantages are combined with the generally recognized benefits of metal roofing–greater fire resistance, lighter weight, seamless integrity, 100% recyclability, wide color choice and long life–Ultra-Cool products are a wise choice for you and the environment.

Why Cool?

Tests prove that on a 90° day, a white roof will have only a 110° surface temperature as compared to a 190° surface temperature for a black roof. Despite the obvious energy savings of a white roof, building designers, architects and owners desire a wider range of color options. The solution: CMG Ultra-Clad coatings, which offer high heat reflectivity without sacrificing color choice.


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