Does your safety rail meet requirements?

Crucial Questions

Choosing the right handrail system requires the consideration of many factors. The focus tends to be on the product but too often we forget to scrutinize the companies building these products. Below are six questions which you should ask about a company before you grant them your business:

1. How long has this business been operating?

It is important that the company to whom you are entrusting your business has the experience to get the job done right the first time. Sometimes what seems to be the cheapest option turns out to be the most expensive and time consuming with hidden fees and poor craftsmanship.

2. Do they have a reputation to maintain?

What is their incentive? if this organization has built a reputation of customer service and high quality, they will be focused on maintaining that reputation.

3. Do they, meet/exceed safety standards?

Simply installing a system isn’t always enough, chances are the system is required due to a regulation and that regulation has requirements that must be met. it is important that the company you are trusting is not only aware of safety standards but also that they routinely meet and exceed these standards.

4. Will their product require attention in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? How easily can these issues be addressed?

Different systems require different levels of maintenance at different periods of time. Will the system you purchase outlast its use? not likely. at some point you will probably require some professional assistance. When that time comes, will the company which installed the system be able to fix the problem? Will the original company still be around?

5. Will this company aid your efforts or become a liability?

If not properly constructed or installed, what was once a safety feature can quickly turn into a hazard in and of itself. make sure that your hard earned money goes towards the installation of a solution, not a liability.

6. What will repairs/maintenance cost me?

What all does the system repair require? A simple fitting replacement or an entirely new fabricated system and how will the need be reflected.

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