Milbourn Construction’s specialty coating services allow you peace of mind during weather events and extend the lifespan of the roof and masonry of your home.

Specialty Coatings

Milbourn Construction’s specialists ensure your home is waterproof and weather-resistant with our formulated coatings that can be applied to roofing, brick, and masonry. Some companies just use paint for cosmetic purposes, but this can trap moisture and cause damage. Our specialty coatings increase lifespan and save you on maintenance costs.

Benefits of Specialty Coatings

Roof leaks can cause tremendous damage, even if they’re relatively small; over time, they can become exponentially worse. They can result in a catastrophic roof collapse if they’re not discovered in time. Roof coatings protect your roof against hail, tree limbs, and debris thrown around in storms.

Highly Durable & Versatile Protection

Long-lasting Weather Resistance

Increase Roof Lifespan

Customizable for Roof, Brick, and Masonry

Discover Specialized Weather Protection